A re-pipe can be quite the blessing for properties in Los Angeles that have been suffering from deteriorating pipes. Older, galvanized piping can begin to yellow or rust, and cause your water to become a health hazard. Allow our re-piping team to handle the plumbing services your property needs.

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New copper pipes can make all the difference for your building’s water supply, or its draining capabilities. As pipes age, they corrode other difficulties arise with your plumbing as a result. Our team of LA plumbers are experts at re-piping, also known as a re-pipe, re-plumbing or new plumbing.

Re-Pipes in Los Angeles

Each type of piping system has a different lifespan, but you will probably notice similar problems as their age catches up to them.

Water and gas lines made from brass can last between 40-70 years, or more. If they are copper, they will likely last at least 50 years, and galvanized steel can perform for 20-50 years. These types of lines will need re-pipes more often than drain or sewer lines, as they are under constant pressure and therefore get more use over time.

Sewer lines, or drain lines, are frequently longer-lasting, and when made from cast iron can last up to 100 years, and it is not known how long those made from PVC pipes will last.

re-pipe workWhile many properties in the LA area were initially built with a galvanized steel plumbing setup, these are one of the shorter lifespans, as you can see. If you’ve noticed your water having an odd odor, look or taste, or seen a yellow or rusty tint to it, call us right away. You likely need a re-pipe done at your property for health and safety reasons. If you let the lines get in too poor of a condition, they could actually crack, leak or burst and cause untold damage to your property.

If you need a re-pipe, contact us today to have one of our plumbing contractors take a look at your property and give you a free, in-writing estimate and show you why we are the team for the job. Most of our re-piping jobs take about one to two days, and we are extremely thorough in our work. We’ll make sure all of the old pipes are properly taken care of, and that the new copper pipes go in smoothly. We will test your new piping system to see that it all works as it should, and check that you have full use of your water and sewer lines.

While gas lines are generally newer and might not need replacing yet, if yours are getting older, or you are considering upgrading your pipes, give us a call to get a free estimate!

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