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A water heater is one of the appliances that doesn’t get much attention until it stops working. When you discover your shower is ice cold, or the dishes are not clean, even though the cycle is complete, and you need your water heater repaired, call us. We are available at any time to service your water heater in the LA area, and we will send a local plumber to your property right away!

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Water Heater Repair

We understand the importance of hot water to you. It means the all the difference in the world for clean, sanitary dishes, a pleasant shower, and clean laundry. We don’t make you wait for the following business day when you’re out of hot water – call us any time, any day for hot water heater repairs in all of Los Angeles. You don’t need to get in the shower at daylight expecting a warm shower and get blasted with icy water! We will provide the plumbing services you need to get your water running warm again without delay.

If you are noticing a strange odor to your water, the hot water is taking too long to recover, or there are odd noises coming from the water heater, these are signs that something is wrong with your unit. One of our plumbers can do an inspection to find out what the issue is, and get it repaired before it causes you a major problem. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

Water Heater Replacement

The life expectancy of a hot water heater is between 8 and 12 years. If your current unit is getting near the end of its lifespan, we can replace your water heater with a newer and more energy-efficient unit that will probably save you money monthly. We use top of the line equipment and can help pick the perfect unit for your building’s size and usage needs. We always give free estimates to our clients, and work hard to get the job done well and quickly, so your life can go on as normal again.

We are a plumbing company that has been in business in LA for almost an entire century, and have seen every possible problem that can occur with a hot water heater. Our plumbing contractors are capable of working on all types of units, and are specially certified on Takagi tankless models.

New Water Heater Installation

Replacing a hot water heater is not something the average homeowner wants to tackle by themselves. It can be a major undertaking that is not only difficult, but time consuming. You don’t want to be stuck without hot water for a couple days while you figure out how that guy on YouTube got it done, right?

water heater installationInstead of wasting one of your valuable weekends trying to replace your water heater, call us to provide those plumbing jobs for you. We have a team of expert plumbers here to help you and will get it done properly, and efficiently.

Have you been looking at the newer tankless hot water heaters? There are a number of advantages to them, and our plumbing contractors can answer any questions you may have on them. If you’re not sure whether to go tankless or standard, just ask us!

Our plumbers are certified to install and repair Takagi tankless hot water heaters and can answer any questions you may have on tankless vs. standard tank water heaters.

Call us to find a plumbing company that gives you the honest, reliable, competent service that you deserve.

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