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Your water line is an important part of your property’s plumbing system. If you are experiencing things like excessive bills, minor leaks, or even a major flood, our plumbers can use a camera to do an inspection and find the issue with your water lines. Don’t wait – call at the first symptom to have one of our plumbing contractors repair it before it becomes a serious situation.

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Water pipes provide your family with fresh, clean water for bathing, drinking, cooking and laundry. If your water supply seems different than it used to, whether the pressure is off, or it looks, smells or tastes funny, stop using it and call us right away. There could be a serious problem in your water lines, and our team of plumbing contractors will get it resolved quickly and safely.

We also service sewer lines, which can sometimes be confused with water pipes. Sometimes the backflow prevention device can stop working, and the two lines can mix. You can imagine that’s never good, so if you suspect problems with either piping system, give us a call immediately.

Water Line Repair

If you notice water leaks, low water pressure, or increased water bills, you could have a leak in your water lines. We can provide you with the plumbing services you need to locate and either repair or replace the problem areas of your water lines.

Are you noticing puddles of water on your lawn even though it hasn’t rained for days? This could be a sign that you have a leak in one of your water lines from damage which was caused either over time, or from poor installation.

We are the company to go to – we have some of the most competent plumbing contractors, and we use the right equipment that can detect exactly what the issue is. That way, we can repair it before it becomes a major difficulty for you, your family, or your occupants, and we do it with less mess and wasted time.

water line companyWater lines can be damaged by a number of things: the shifting of the earth around the pipe, corrosion or even rocks or tree roots impinging on the pipes can cause serious damage or ruptures. They can also deteriorate from corrosion or rust, which makes the water less safe for consumption and use.

One of our plumbers will do a camera inspection of your water lines to detect where the trouble lies, without destroying your landscaping to dig it up and find it. We can also install trenchless water lines and sewer lines to help preserve your property.

Most homeowners don’t think about their water lines until a problem arises. Let our plumbers perform an inspection at the first sign of a problem, and prevent bigger issues in the future by nipping them in the bud.

New Water Line Installation

Are you thinking about upgrading your water lines in your home or commercial property? Are you building a new property and need to put in water pipes? Give us a call for a free estimate based on a thorough inspection of your building’s needs.

Our plumbers will take into consideration the size of your building, its occupants and the usage to determine the best replacement for your needs. When you choose us as your go-to LA plumbing company, we have your best interests as our main concern, and we always work to be the most competent and professional outfit in the valley.

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We’ve been in the industry for nearly 100 years, ever since 1920. We’ve seen a lot of things change in the plumbing industry in that time, but one thing hasn’t. Our dedication to providing our customers with honest, reliable and reasonable plumbing services is just as strong as it was when we started out. We are proud to be members of the BBB, Angie’s List and the PHCC.

Whether you need to repair, or replace your water line in Los Angeles or any nearby city, call us!

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